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Periodontal case study

Jonathan is a 55-year-old gentleman that works as a teacher.

When he was younger he’d had a bad experience at the dentist and since then, felt very anxious about receiving any type of dental treatment.

“I’d been aware of my gums bleeding from an early age, but I just thought that it was normal for me. I didn’t get any pain so just assumed everything was OK. When I got to my 40s I noticed some of my teeth felt a bit loose, and sometimes the gums were quite tender when brushing”.

“I saw a hygienist who cleaned my teeth every three months, but I had just accepted that I was likely to lose my teeth at some point and thought I was just staving off the inevitable”.

“When I met Katie, I was feeling very low. My gums had receded, I felt as though I had bad breath and my confidence was at rock bottom. I had prepared myself for having to have the lot taken out”.

Katie changed all of that. She helped me to realise that if we worked together, we could really change things. I didn’t quite believe it, but I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a try. First, she helped me get on top of my cleaning routine. I thought I’d been doing a good job all those years, but I really hadn’t. She made sure I was using the right-sized brushes for in between my teeth as well as making sure I brushed my teeth correctly. After a few months of improving my personal routine, I could already feel a difference. I was seeing much less bleeding and my mouth just felt healthier”.

“At this point, Katie thought we could get further improvement by doing a deep clean. I didn’t like the thought of it, but I needn’t have worried. I had two long appointments and was made totally numb, I barely felt a thing. Katie cleaned my teeth very thoroughly and I could see an improvement within a couple of weeks. Three months after this, I had a review which confirmed my own thoughts – my gums were much healthier”.

“For the first time in years, my gums are classed as healthy. I never believed it would be possible and couldn’t be happier”

Facial aesthetic case study

Elaine is a 45-year-old lady who works for the council.

“I first met Malcolm and Katie in 2015. From the moment I met them, they put me at ease. I’d been very apprehensive about any form of facial aesthetic treatment and it took me quite a while to pluck up the courage to contact them”.

“I initially inquired about anti-wrinkle treatment. I must have driven Katie mad with all the questions I had, but she never once made me feel that way and was extremely helpful. From day one, their service exuded professionalism and expertise”.

Malcolm performed a facial assessment to work out what treatments he thought would be suitable. To start with, I just had the wrinkle correction treatment. I was worried about looking ‘overdone’ and expressed this from day one. I didn’t want people to look at me and know I’d had any treatment. I was over the moon with the results! I felt that I had a glow about me, and people kept commenting on how well I looked”.

“After having a couple of courses of wrinkle correction treatments, I decided to let Katie look at my lips. Again, I was very keen to have a subtle enhancement. The whole procedure was explained thoroughly and together we worked out which product would be most suitable”.

“I had my upper lip enhanced very slightly as I felt that this area had thinned quite noticeably. The procedure is a little more tender but much less painful than I thought. I was delighted with the results and felt like I could wear lipstick without it disappearing for the first time in years!”

“I am now a regular client and love the results and confidence boost I get from seeing Malcolm & Katie. The beautiful surroundings, professionalism of the staff and payment plans make the whole experience a positive one”.

Orthodontic case study

Sara, 28, office-worker

I was recommended to see Malcolm by a friend who had had similar treatment with him recently. I had been searching for a dentist for a while so was a little apprehensive at first. So I called Jane at Springmount and was offered a complimentary consultation that week!

When you walk in the door of Springmount you almost feel at home. I had a coffee while completing the initial forms. It was a very relaxing start! At the consultation, Malcolm explained everything perfectly and made me feel so at ease. We talked about the different options and he took photos so we could discuss my concerns and how we could sort them.

We decided to go for Invisalign®, and I’m so happy we did. I wore the aligners for only 4 months and in that time saw my smile change into the one I’ve always wanted. We finished the treatment with some teeth whitening, which has given me the confidence to pull the biggest smiles in photos.

I can’t thank Malcolm and the team enough for all their kindness, support and hard work during my visits. It was an absolute pleasure.

Cosmetic case study

Katy, 30, accountant

I’ve always wanted a nice smile. I’ve scoured the internet looking at pictures, different practices, and for the right person. Then I found Malcolm.

I had a gap between a couple of teeth and the shape of my teeth was far from perfect. But I wasn’t sure of the exact way to go about sorting them. In our first appointment, Malcolm went through everything so thoroughly. He took pictures and we went through the features of my teeth that I didn’t like. I really felt like the treatment was being tailored to me.

We decided upon whitening my teeth and finished off with some bonding to perfect the imperfections. Whitening was a doddle. 14 nights, no sensitivity, comfortable trays and the difference was amazing. Then the bonding – no injections or drilling, and they look so natural. I was amazed! I had reached my perfection.

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