orthodontic Treatment Chesterfield

With continuous advances in technology, orthodontic treatment for adults is becoming increasingly popular. Our dentists can assess your needs and recommend the best teeth straightening options for you


Short-term Orthodontics in Chesterfield

Teeth Straightening for adults

Traditional ‘train-track’ metal braces are no longer the only choice for straightening teeth. You can now choose a more modern, more efficient and more discreet brace system to achieve the smile you want.

 Having straighter teeth can also benefit your oral health, as teeth are harder to clean when they are overcrowded and overlapping. Let us assure you, that we will help you with all of this and will teach you how to care for your teeth and braces during your treatment.


Invisalign® teeth straightening

Invisalign® is a gradual method of straightening your teeth in an almost invisible way. The orthodontic treatment uses a series of custom-made clear trays called aligners. Discreet, comfortable and removable, the brace won't interfere with your lifestyle. It can treat a wide range of orthodontic concerns, including crooked teeth, gaps and crowded mouths.




Quick Straight Teeth™

Straight teeth in less time

With treatment times as little as 6 months to complete and an option to suit everyone, QuickStraightTeeth™ can restore your confidence, boost your self-esteem and give you a beautiful smile.

The word ‘braces’ can conjure up images of old-fashioned ‘train-tracks’ or Ugly Betty! However, you will be pleasantly surprised with QuickStraightTeeth™. The braces look beautiful and discreet with top quality tooth-coloured brackets and wires - making them virtually invisible. Most people won’t know you are wearing braces at all and treatments can take as little as 6 months to complete.

Adult teeth straightening

Case  study



We decided to go for Invisalign, and I’m so happy we did. I wore the aligners for only 4 months and in that time saw my smile change into the one I’ve always wanted. We finished the treatment with some tooth whitening, which has given me the confidence to pull the biggest smiles in photos.
— Sara



Which brace is the best?

We use a range of braces for their different levels of visibility and affordability. But all the braces we offer are extremely effective. We would not offer them if we didn’t have absolute faith in the results they achieve. It also depends on how you define ‘best’. If you want a low cost brace then a metal brace is the best. If you want a discreet brace then a ceramic brace is the best. If you want a removable brace then Invisalign® is the best. We will discuss what is most important to you and help you make the right decision.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

Yes, particularly in the first year after your braces are removed.  You will be either fitted with a permanent retainer or a removable one. We recommend lifelong use of a retainer, particularly as your teeth will naturally move as you get older - so it will help to keep your teeth in their position.

How do I choose which brace I should have?

 You will be advised which brace systems are the best for you and the results you want to achieve. It really comes down to a balance between how discreet you would like your brace to be, how quickly you’d like it to work and how much you can afford. We will help you work through all the pros and cons to make the right decision for you.